I am new to using Swing and I need to create a front-end for a project using
swing. There are many buttons and other controls on the screen at different
locations. I am using the JBuilder 5 IDE for putting the controls on the
screen. I am finding it difficult to place all the controls on the wherever
I want to.I could able to do it by creating too many panles ,setting their
layouts etc...which I feel is a rediuos process..The main problem I find
is using the layout managers, border or flow etc,,,which try to set the controls
on their own without the developer's intervention. alternatively I created
the same layout using JBuilder in 10 mins using the NULL Layout..which is
very good and seems to be quiet simple. But then what is the advantage of
using the tedious layout managers and why is it that we are not supposed
to use the Null layout as told by my friend? I would be happy if anyone could
take time to solve my doubts.