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Hi all,
I would like to know how to use an Ejb reference from inside
another Ejb.

For exemple:

Group entity bean
Integer id
String name
String rights

User entity bean
Integer id
String name
String password
Group group

Everything works fine. I can create a Group and then create a
User with a Group assigned to the group field. I can see with
JDataStore Explorer the Group reference in the USER_TABLE in

I'm using a DataModule based on the ESite (supplied with JB5)
model. The java client is also the same as in the ESite. In the
jdbTable the User row contains instead of one column "Group",
three columns "Group.Id", "Group.Name" and "Group.Rights" with
the correct dats of the Group assigned to the User. Until here
all is OK.

My questions are:

1) How can I access the "Group.*" columns. When I try
with "Group.Name" for exemple I get an exception because the
column name does not exist.

2) How can I associate a picklist to the Group column in the
User row in the jdbTable. I have hided the three Group columns
and I have added a new Column to witch I have set the
GroupDataSet to the picklist.

3) How can I change the Group assigned to an existing User? When
I create a new row (User), in the userResolver_create method of
the ServerDataModule, I get the value of the extra column (the
one with the picklist), I find the Group by name and now I can
create the User. And I had to do almost the same in the
userResolver_update method. Is that right?

4) How can I prevent deleting a Group when it is still
referenced by a User?

I know there are many questions, but I would really appreciate
if somebody could help me.

Best regards

PS: I'm using Jbuilder 5 and BAS 4.5.1