Hi Mark,

Looks like you took a chance to become pro-active. Stick around devx, and
keep asking your questions once in a while, don't forget to read threads
too. You will be flying in no time.

You can download the trial version of SQL Server 2000, at the microsoft site,
well it seems to be down again today, but try tomorrow.

Suggestion if you have a $100 to $1000 budget to train yourself.
I bought videos from keystonelearning.com on SQL server 7 at the time, its
complete if you buy the whole set. if not its cheap.

If you don't have that kind of budget, just install the trial version (or
use your company's SQL 7.0 version if they have one) and select the entreprise
manager icon (look also for the one that says books online) off of the SQL
Server program group, then once the program stated, look for the Query Analyser
in the Tools menu,