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    Client/Server Query Tool


    I am very new to Java.I have been asked to create a tool which is client server based. The users of this tool have no idea about SQL and Oracle.They need to query the database without writing queries.They would just provide few details and internally the tool should run the query and show the result to the user on the frontend. The queries required are SQL (select) and SQLX queries which would return a database row or a complete XML document.

    My problem is, I am not able to decide whether to use RMI or Socket programming for the same coz I am new to both the technologies.The database would be located at the server and the clients would point to the server to access it. Please suggest how should I go about developing this tool in Java.


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    Welcome to DevX

    All you need are SELECT queries for the users, right? No INSERTs or UPDATEs or DELETE queries?

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