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Thread: rate calculator

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    Question rate calculator

    I sell items on eBay and would like to add a javascript (or other program) that will allow my customers to simply add their zip code and calculate their shipping. I only ship via USPS (not UPS or FedEx), so I was wondering if there was something similar to what the USPS has on thier webpage (http://postcalc.usps.gov/) that I could add to the html on my auction description and automate this process - thereby relieving me of answering countless e-mails about cost of shipping to various areas domestically and internationally. I've seen paid services offered (such as zonalyzer.com), but would like to find out if there are free scripts out there or if someone would be willing to teach me how to write one myself. Thank you.

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    I'd suggest you try pinching their code and even sending to the same server. It might work. Otherwise you'd have to know what their rates are etc and it gets all complicated. Oh, you might also wanna ask them if you can do this in case they say it's illegal.

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