Here is a situation that I'm looking at. Lets say there is a large Java enterprise
application using EJBs and all that fun stuff. Inside this application will
need to be a sales module for industry-specific order processing and CRM.
Now this same sales module will need to be capable of running in a remote
environment, devoid of a network or internet connection, and on a device
with relatively limited horsepower. (laptop, or possibly scaled down to a
PDA device)

Originally with an earlier product, this was handled by two seperate applications
that communicated with one another via a data synchronization element. However
this required the same business rules to exist and be maintained in two different
applications. The new goal is to write one set of business objects (EJBs)
for both roles.

Is it possible to automatically "sync" EJBs from a server to a local copy
running on a laptop when it's connected to the network, and has anyone had
much experience doing something similar to this? I'm interested in getting
a feel for what the performance implications are for running an app server
on a laptop (or PDA?!) or if there are suitable alternative technologies