The <a href="">BC4J
Virtual Shopping Mall</a> demo illustrates a broad set of <b>BC4J</b> capabilities
including <b>Struts-based web UI, Java/Swing-based administration UI, and
web services, including application modules deployed both as simple JavaBeans
as well as EJB Session Beans.</b> The demo shows examples of implementing
functional security to vary the user interface based on the role of the user
logged in. The BC4J-VSM is based on the <b>Model-View-Controller</b> design
pattern and shows how the framework implements <b>J2EE design patterns</b>
and best practices so developers can focus on application logic.

A series of <a href="">
tutorials </a> by OTN columnist Robert Hall will progressively explain interesting
aspects of this virtual shopping mall example over several weeks, so bookmark
this page!