Outling the main Differences Between Java & C++

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Thread: Outling the main Differences Between Java & C++

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    Tricia Guest

    Outling the main Differences Between Java & C++

    Hey there,

    I have a small assignment to do for college, which involves Java !! I am
    a 2nd year computing student who hasn't even written a single line of code
    in Java, never mind writing or doing an assingment in it !
    However, I have been doing C for a while and would be extremely greatful
    if anyone out there could give me a hand on this.
    The assignment involves:
    1). Outlining the main differences between Java & C++ & supply a certain
    amount of detail to each point !!
    2). What aspects of Java make it easier to write much more Robust programs,
    as opposed to C++, using small snipets of code for examples.

    So like I said, if anyone out there knows anything about either or better
    still, both of these 2 languages(Java and/or C++) and has been using them
    for a while or can help me at all on this, then I would be eternally greatful
    and really appreciate the help !!


    Tricia !! )

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    David Guest

    Re: Outling the main Differences Between Java & C++

    I read also read your other post about vectors. I have one comment: From the
    way u post, u do not seem keen on doing programming. Are you sure you're
    in the right course?

    As for your questions, those are assignments aren't they? And if they're
    assignments, ur supposed to read up on them, not to be spoonfed by people
    who did the reading. Any decent book or website on Java would hold the necessary

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