I am using VAJ 3.02 Professional Edition on Windows NT and I am using the
IBM Websphere Test Environment to test my servlets and JSP files.

My problem....

I've been using the HTML <SERVLET> tag in my *.JSP files using JSP 0.91 and
the IBM Websphere Test Environment. When I migrated to JSP 1.0 my <SERVLET>
tags quit working???? When debugging in the JSP Execution Monitor, it is
like the <SERVLET> tag is not recognized. But JSP 0.91 recognizes the tag.

I'm under the impression that the JSP support (either 0.91 or 1.0) should
not have any effect on the HTML <SERVLET> tag. Support for the HTML <SERVLET>
tag is provided by the web server. Is there some tweaking I have to do to
the Test Environment? Am I missing a concept?

Anybody have any thoughts on this?