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Airline Reservation

write a text based app.

Assume the airplane has 20 seatrs in first class (5 rows of 4 seats)separated
by an aisle.
and 60 seats in economy class (10 rows of 6 seats each separated by an aisle)

Details of booked seatspassebger first and last names, date booking was
ticket price, seating class (F or E) seat row (1,2,3 etc) and seat position
(A,B etc) are stored in a file.

Use 2 dimensional arrays to maintain the seating charts for each of seating

When passengers are added, ask for the class (first or economy, the name
of the passanger and the seating preference, Aisle ,window if first class
or aisle, centre ,window in economy class. Then try to find a match, assign
the seat by updating the seating chart and then update the file

If no match exists (that is the seat is taken) display an appropriate message.