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    yann LE PAGE Guest

    Re: Secure Http (https)

    I have the same problem that you had before: I need to read a HTTPS
    webpage. How can I do? Have you found a solution?



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    Franz Kolberg Guest

    Re: Secure Http (https)

    Hi Rapin,

    I have now the same problem.

    Did you find a solution in the meantime?

    Would You be so kind, and mail it to me?



    "Rapin" <rapind@email.com> wrote:
    >I am experiencing a problem using a Java Applet through a secure http connection
    >I am using a reverse proxy that is going through a secure (https) channel.
    >A non-secure (http) calling method is hard coded into the Java class.
    >The result is that the Java class is trying to reach "http://.../FileName.asp"
    >and it should be calling "https://.../FileName.asp".
    >Unfortunately, going from non-secure to secure is not as simple in Java

    >just adding an 's', and instead involves changing the code to open a secure
    >connection manually.
    >This means that either the code needs to be changed to support the secure
    >channel and maintaining two compiles of the product (a secure version and
    >a non-secure one) or the code needs to be altered to support both secure
    >and non-secure calling, and change the asp code to send another parameter
    >telling the Java class which calling method to use.
    >The second method, obviously, is the better choice, but would involve slightly
    >more time than the first to implement.
    >Can anyone please help me out who has dealt with this problem before. What
    >is the code involved in adding support for secure http?

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