I have recently begun studying Java and understand the concept and functationality
of compiling the Java file and the creation of the class file. However,
in the event that I cannot successfully compile a Java file, I am essentially
stuck. I am using JDK 1.2.1 and JBuilder as a debugger. In running the
following lines:

public void init() {
Rectgl r = new Rectgl(10,5,Color.red);
Square s = new Square(10,Color.blue);
Circle c = new Circle(20,Color.yellow);
Square s2 = new Square(40,Color.green);
add(new PixLabel(r));
add(new PixLabel(s));
add(new PixLabel(c));
add(new PixLabel(s2));

I received a debug error in JBuilder stating:

"Error (11)class Rectgl not found in class PixApplet"

This error occurs for all of the referenced shapes.
Looks as if it isn't pointing to some necessary files or something? I don't
know, can anyone help?