Press Release

Date:5 April 2000
Contact: Brett Goodman

For Immediate Release

New XML Middleware Provides Full Internet Database Connectivity

XML Software Corporation releases Ver 1.1 of InterAccess, an innovative
new product that provides full Internet Database Connectivity. Using InterAccess,
you can access any ODBC/OLEDB compliant SQL database via the Internet. Tools
and protocols for accessing enterprise databases over the Internet have been
slow in coming. "This is why we have developed InterAccess. Besides filling
the practical need of accessing your remote databases, it is ideal for today's
e-Commerce Internet programs where trading partners need to transmit and
receive structured data such as purchase orders and invoices.", says Brett
Goodman, Director XML Software Corporation.

InterAccess implements a client/server architecture much like FTP, and uses
an XML
protocol to provide complete access to SQL databases that have ODBC or OLEDB
drivers.InterAccess consists of 3 components: InterAccess Server, the InterAccess
client COM DLL, and the InterAccess Browser. With InterAccess Server and
Browser you can perform any SQL operations that your ODBC/OLEDB drivers provide.
Use the InterAccess Browser if you just want to view/update tables and execute
SQL commands. You can save any retrieved data to a file or copy/paste into
other programs such as Excel or Access.

If you need programming power for your in-house or commerical applications,
use the
InterAccess client COM DLL to write your own Internet enabled database programs.

The COM DLL provides easy to use COM objects and interfaces ready to drop
into your Visual Basic, C++, or other RAD tool programs. The COM object
model is very elegant and similar to the Microsoft ADO object model. "Using
the InterAccess COM DLL our programmers have been able to be productive immediately"
says Peter Christie, Director PACC Software in Perth, Western Australia.

And you can optionally receive data as native ADO XML-persisted Recordsets,
which enables construction of ADO disconnected Recordsets.
Use InterAccess wherever you need to view or update a remote database. Here
are some possible scenarios:

Use InterAccess to send and receive e-Commerce documents between trading
partners, such as purchase orders and invoices. It's inherent database nature
gives you guaranteed and confirmed data transmission.

You have databases at other sites (anywhere in the world). With InterAccess
Server installed at each site, you have complete access.

You have a Website that uses a database. Install InterAccess Server at your
ISP and you have full access to your Website database.

Use InterAccess on your Website to update a remote database as actions occur,
such as orders being placed.

You have people who travel away from the office. You have been using RAS
for them to access the company database. Now they use InterAccess directly
using the Internet. No special RAS connections required.

Using the InterAccess COM DLL, you can now easily write in-house or commercial
Internet database applications. No need to design and develop your own XML
protocols. Whether you need to push or pull data across the Internet, InterAccess
will save you time and $$$ developing your Internet applications.