Put this in the talk.editors.javapro and thought people may find this

Ok not quite the demise (yet) but in another document they gave us (3
chapters from an upcoming book by Jeffrey Richter"NGWS Programming") I will
share a few things...

All managed code requires the NGWS runtime...VB, C# and JScript (Which is
compiled now) create only managed code...C++ by default creates unmanaged
code...In the works are compilers to create managed code for the following:
APL, CAML, Cobol, Haskell, Mercury, ML, Oberon, Pascal, Perl, Python, Scheme
and Smalltalk....In fact Rational is producing a NGWS Runtime based Java...

The following is the demise (possible) of Java as a religion and return it
to just another programming language...(In my opinion)...Instead of needing
to write Java for cross platform...Choose the language you like best...

A quote...

"It is even possible that a version of the runtime could be built for
non-Windows platforms in the future."


"Once written and built a managed NGWS application (that consists entirely
of managed code) can execute on any platform that supports the NGWS

"Initially, Microsoft will offer the NGWS runtime engine on the various
flavors of Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4, Windows 2000 (Both 32 and 64
bit), and Windows CE"

Again I will share more when I have time..


Keith Franklin, MCSD