Kindly adice

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Thread: Kindly adice

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    kannan Guest

    Kindly adice

    I am new to Java & started to learn on my own.
    kindly guide me in which I have to consantrate.
    i.e (Java Application or Java Applet).

    Thanking you,

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    Tim Guest

    Re: Kindly adice


    Depends what you are intrigued by. If you want to enter the web arena I
    would suggest applets. If you are looking to get into applications then
    I would suggest Java. From personal experience I would suggest getting involved
    in whatever interests you the most. After that if you decide to change what
    you want to do, most of your knowledge of Java and structures withing will
    be portable.


    Tim Barcz
    Microsoft Certified Professional
    Fastek International

    "kannan" <> wrote:
    >I am new to Java & started to learn on my own.
    >kindly guide me in which I have to consantrate.
    >i.e (Java Application or Java Applet).
    >Thanking you,

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