Updates IRC Client for Java
Java-based IRC client that provided a rich set of features for Web sites
and Web users. In addition to the Java applet, a full Java application version
of the IRC Client for Java is now available. This version provides full DCC
support, transcript saving and logging, and parameter saving. Developers
can add new features to the application using Java. Because IRC Client for
Java is platform-independent, it requires no bug fix to install.

JavaML: A markup language for Java source code
This developerWorks tutorial describes a new XML application that provides
an alternative representation of Java source code. This XML-based representation,
called JavaML, is more natural for tools and permits easy specification of
numerous software-engineering analyses by leveraging the abundance of XML
tools and techniques.

WBI Developement Kit
The WBI Development Kit provides a convenient and flexible API for programming
intermediaries on the web. In simple terms, an intermediary is a programmable
proxy. WBI Development Kit for Java A programmable proxy for developing
and running intermediary applications on the web. Recently updated v 4.5
features significantly better performance,many API enhancements and new programming
examples. Applications (plugins) written with v 4.5 will run on IBM WebSphere
Transcoding Publisher. Intermediary-based programming is particularly useful
if you want to add functionality to a system but cannot modify the data producer
(e.g., server or database) or the data consumer (e.g., browser). WBI is a
way to quickly and easily build intermediary applications.