I'm not entirely certain this is the correct forum, but since the problem
appears to be Java-centric, I will post it here first.

I just upgraded my motherboard and processor to an Athlon 600. Next I rebooted
linux, and the recognition of new hardware all went fine (the built in sound
is pretty crappy, but that's another story). so I open JBuilder and it appears,
but after about 10 minutes, it crashes (Just JBuilder - and it simply closes).

After this, I tried running it again, and discovered, that sometimes it comes
up and other times, it won't. The times it does come up, it will run anywhere
from 30 seconds to many hours.

This leads me to believe that I have a memory problem, except that I can
run every other application I have without this problem - even Java based
applications. Oh, with the exception of VA for Java, it never has run since
the MB/Processor upgrade, but that's no loss, since I really don't use it

I've attempted reinstalling JBuilder to no avail.

The OS is Red Hat 6.1, vanilla. This happens under GNome and KDE.

Anyone have any thoughts? Should I simply try different memory?