Looking for an ambitious recent Computer Science graduate to work on a small
team building a new product that marries the e-business supply-chain with
the network that enables it. The position will cover the gamut of the software
development cycle with a focus on user-interface development. There is excellent
growth opportunity, both in terms of career development and in terms of learning
new APIís and problem domains.

Position Responsibilities:

Will be working on new e-business infrastructure product (yet to be named).

Attention to detail and cleanliness of coding and design is crucial.
Work includes a mixture of user interface programming and more internal programming.

Will have some responsibilities in helping to maintain the integrity of the
code-base and in packaging the final product.
Responsibilities will grow with the demonstrated capabilities of the applicant.

Applicable Experience:

Bachelorís degree in computer science, though a Masterís degree is preferred.

Must have solid Java experience as part of their degree.
Applicant should understand JavaBeans and have experience with Swing and/or
Must be comfortable in a Windows NT development environment.

Useful additional experience:

Knowledge of SNMP or other network management protocols
Artificial Intelligence
Distributed programming
Experience with UNIX platforms

For further information contact:

Kevin Melchin
Ascena Information Technology, Inc.
84 State Street
10th floor
Boston, MA 02109
Toll Free: (800) 817-9902
Phone: (617) 557-0075
Fax: (617) 557-0072