How to install Java

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Thread: How to install Java

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    Renuka Guest

    How to install Java

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Even though I am quite a bit familiar with the language,
    I am still unable to install Java on my machine.
    Could you please tell me a correct and clear instructions on how to insall
    Java on windows 95? Thank you very much.
    Expecing an early response from you.


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    satish Guest

    Re: How to install Java

    Hi Renuka,

    Please go to and download the excutable file for
    JDK1.2 or any version(jdk 1.3 etc..) on to your system.You could get that
    in the products list on the Suns' home page.Then run the setup.exe file....Java(JDK)
    will be installled on to your system.Thats it..and one more thing is after
    you install that you need to set the classpath for your system to run that..If
    you have doubts regarding setting the path....once gain post a query..I will
    answer you.



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