In my HTML file I have the following arguements in <PARAM> tags:

<PARAM NAME="netAddress" VALUE="www.mysite.com">
<PARAM NAME="port" VALUE="5000">
<PARAM NAME="timeout" VALUE="60000">

In the init() method of my applet I try to retrieve these values like

internetAddress = getParameter("netAddress");
System.out.println("netAddress = " + internetAddress);
portNumber = Integer.parseInt(getParameter("port"));
System.out.println("portNumber = " + portNumber);
timeoutPeriod = Integer.parseInt(getParameter("timeout"));
System.out.println("timeoutPeriod = " + timeoutPeriod);

The peculiar thing is the System.out records:

netAddress = null
portNumber = 5000
timeoutPeriod = 60000

Why does it retrieve the last two but null for netAddress?