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Thread: About transient

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    Raja Guest

    About transient

    What is the meaning of transient in JAVA?

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    Kim Fowler Guest

    Re: About transient

    The transient keyword is intended for use in serialization of objects
    - flattening an objects state to a stream of bytes that can be saved
    to disc, DB or sent, via RMI, to another machine. Marking a state
    variable as 'transient' tells the serialization process that the
    contents of this variable should _not_ be saved, usually because it is
    JVM specific and will need to be reset when the object is deserialized
    and recreated

    Examples of variables that would often be marked as 'transient' are
    references to :-

    - AWT components - due to the underlying native peer references
    - Open File handles
    - Threads


    On 6 Oct 2000 19:27:00 -0700, "Raja" <awaragi@hotmail.com> did

    >What is the meaning of transient in JAVA?


    Kim Fowler

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