I have a log window JInternalFrame that is instantiated when I load the MDI.

class : EventsLog
method : writeToEventsLog(String event)

In the MDI, this EventsLog is at the same level with other objects that are
instantiated, e.g. PublicChat window, PublicWhiteBoard window. All of them
are added to the MDI desktop using desktop.add method that is available for

level 0: MDI
level 1: EventsLog, PublicChat, PublicWhiteBoard

I want to have both PublicChat and PublicWhiteBoard to be able to call the
method in the EventsLog and update the textarea in the EventsLog.

If I do the below:

class PublicChat
{ private EventsLog eventsLog = new EventsLog();
//somewhere down here I called the method
eventsLog.writeToEventsLog("this is an event");

It doesn't update the textarea in the eventsLog.

I'm assuming that the EventsLog object that I instantiated at the class
PublicChat is at the level below PublicChat and it doesn't reflect to the
EventsLog object at level 1.

level 1: PublicChat
level 2: EventsLog

I don't want to have another object instantiated and running another copy of
the process. I just want the EventsLog object at level 1 to be accessible by
all other objects at the same level.

What can I do to rectify the error?
Hoping for your quick reply.

Best Regards,
Wing Hoe
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