Hi Jim,

We built our site entirely of 1.1 Enterprise JavaBeans and deployed it on
Weblogic from BEA. We have since ported it completely to jBoss, an open source
app server. It's a fairly large application (46 beans) but it only took 6
hours to re-deploy it to jboss.

Check out www.jboss.org

Our site is www.BeansforBusiness.com; the developer who used jboss is Olivier
Ansaldi & he's taking part in discussions on Beans for Business, so if you
want to ask him any questions you can do it there.

All the best,
Brian Harte

"Jim Lewis" <j_jim_lewis@hotmail.com> wrote:
>Is their and open source application server available?
>Specifically an open source application server that will run EJB's.