I'm posting this on behalf of Brian Maso, a DevelopMentor java guru and contributor
to DevX.com. See his DevX story on tracking the performance of distributed
systems here:

Chris Preimesberger
Senior Editor, DevX.com


>This messsage is both a public invitation to the first Java RMI Community

>Meeting, and a public Call for Speaking Proposals.
>The Java RMI Community Meeting
>The Java RMI Community Meeting is an opportunity for RMI users (as well

>the Sun RMI engineers) to get together, to share advanced techniques and

>architectures, and to learn about the future directions and goals of RMI.

>With the emergence of Jini as a serious superstructure built with RMI, and

>with the anticipated additions to Java RMI such as security and custom
>references, it feels like there's a "maturity critical mass" building up

>behind RMI technology. The meeting will be a 2-day meeting of RMI
>developers, for RMI developers, discussing important practical and
>theoretical topics of this maturing technology.
>The content chairpersons are Sun's Ann Wollrath and DevelopMentor's Stu

>Halloway. They will be selecting the topics to be presented. Mark Hodapp,

>the RMI engineering manager, and 2 or 3 more RMI engineers will be
>attending and/or speaking. Rickard Oberg has indicated that he will speak

>and plans to attend. Ted Neward from DevelopMentor and myself (Brian Maso)

>will also be there, as well as may other people who's names you will
>recognize from the RMI community. I invite anyone with a serious interest

>in Java RMI to attend, learn stuff and to rub elbows with your peers.
>The first Java RMI Community Meeting will be the third week of March,
>2001, in the L.A./Orange County area. Exact dates (either 19th-20th or
>22nd-23d) and the exact venue will be announced shortly. The registration

>fee is being kept deliberately low - probably about US$300.00 - because

>the meeting is not primarily a money-making venture. Limited space is
>being reserved for no more than 300 attendees. A registration page and
>website will be available soon. (If you want to guarantee your space
>immediately, please e-mail directly to rmi-registration@blumenfeld-maso.com.)
>Please address any further questions to rmi-info@blumenfeld-maso.com.
>Questions will be answered as promptly as possible.
>Call for Speaking Proposals
>You are also invited to submit speaking proposals to be presented along

>with the speakers/topics already mentioned above. There is room for 10-15

>talks of length 60-90 minutes. The RMI community is interested in hearing

>what you have to say about your experience with/design ideas
>for/limitations of RMI. Sample topics include: RMI internals and
>protocols; design and implementation techniques; developing, debugging and

>profiling RMI applciations; and using RMI or RMI-based tools in an
>enterprise system, which basically includes any techniques targeted toward

>one of the 5 cardinal enterprise system properties: security,
>maintainability, reliability, availability and scalability.
>Ann Wollrath and Stu Halloway will be selecting from amongst the
>proposals. Please send any proposals, including abstract (500 words or
>less) and a speaker bio to rmi-proposals@blumenfeld-maso.com. Plain text,

>HTML, StarOffice, PDF and MS Word are all acceptable formats.
>1-Day RMI University
>You may have the opportunity to attend a 1-day "RMI University" prior to

>the Java RMI Community Meeting. Provided there is sufficient interest, a

>1-day RMI University will be held one day prior to the Java RMI Community

>Meeting. The RMI University is an intensive tutorial and review of RMI,

>appropriate for Java developers who are interested in RMI but who have not

>had wide-ranging experience with this technology. Though not an integral

>part of the Java RMI Community Meeting, the RMI University will be held

>the same location as the Community Meeting and will give new- to
>intermediate-level RMI developers a large "boost" in technical proficiency

>and understanding, and will make the advanced topics discussed during the

>following 2 days at the Java RMI Community Meeting much more accessible.

>If there is sufficient interest, the RMI University will be presented by

>the very capable instructors of DevelopMentor (http://www.develop.com).
>If you are interested in the 1-day RMI University, please send e-mail to

>rmi-university@blumenfeld-maso.com for more information and to register

>your interest. Note that whether or not the RMI University will be
>presented is contingent upon sufficient attendance.
>The Java RMI Community Meeting is brought to you by Blumenfeld & Maso,
>Inc., a small software consulting company dedicated to Java technology.

>Blumenfeld & Maso is bringing you this community meeting because,
>basically, no one else has stepped forward to do it. This meeting is
>technically not endorsed by Sun or any other entity. Please remember that

>Java is a trademark of Sun.

Brian Maso