We want to be able to send the content of an HTML page to a particular recipient
via fax through a Fax Server. Does anyone know how to redirect a requested
page to the fax server installed at the server. We understand that Winfax
8 has a printer driver such that printer output directed to this driver will
be sent to the fax server. But we need to be able to
specifically send the printer output to the printer driver. JavaScript's
window.print() command only opens the print dialog. It still requires user
intervention to select the correct printer, enter the correct number of pages
and to start the print process. If anyone knows of an automatic routine that
can do this, please let us know.

We are making use of IE 5 browser, Apptivity java servlet is used to generate
the HTML pages and Winfax 8 is used for the faxing (installed at the server

Thanks in advance,