I'm trying to create a programme that will create a peronalised article list
on a web server using cgi scripts of the form

Then retrieve a web page containing these articles using another cgi script
of the form: ...personalpage.cgi?i=20001222

The problem is that the site is password protected using (guess) cgi
scripts! It has a form, where you supply the username and password and then
press the OK button to submit the info.

My questions are the following:

1) How do I submit the user name & password to the cgi from within the
2) How will the server know that I've logged in and therefore allow me to
access the other scripts?
3) I'm thinking of using readLine() to force the site to read the cgis' to
add an article and view the results. Will that work, or is a POST method or
something else required?

Thanks in advance,
John Syrakis