beginner Java package Question

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Thread: beginner Java package Question

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    vt Guest

    beginner Java package Question


    Does using the package statement add a class to an existing package when
    compiled using "Javac"?


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    Kyle Gabhart Guest

    Re: beginner Java package Question

    "vt" <> wrote:
    >Does using the package statement add a class to an existing package when
    >compiled using "Javac"?

    Yes, assuming that the directory structure for your source code corresponds
    to directly to the package statement (i.e. package com.something.file.*;
    will include every class file with that package statement located in the
    'file' directory under 'something', which is under 'com'.
    |-*.java files with appropriate package statement

    You can now modify any of the '.java' files in the 'file' directory or add
    new '.java' files, recompile the package and the new source code will be
    included in the already existing package.

    Happy Coding!


    Kyle Gabhart
    Devx Java Pro

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