Hi all,
i have a question,

we have developed a application using mfc(interface is using mfc and
main code and algorithm using c++) in windows,
now we have setup web site using java servlet in server side.
everytime, we want to call the application in servlet
we doing that
"java.lang.Process p
= java.lang.Runtime.getRuntime().exec("d:/test/test.exe");"
but this method has some problems and disadv.
we want to simplify now. can we call and use the functions in the application
directly from servlet. and make the functions(c++ code) can be called in
such as
in servlet calls search() function from application.

since we don't want to rewrite all code into java. so we ask that.
can anyone give us some "directions". do we need to write the application
dll ,then call by the java servlet?? right??? i am not sure

thanks and happy new year