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    Fabio Luis De Paoli Guest

    Wierd JDBC behaviour

    I am getting wierd results reading a datetime year to fraction(3) from an
    Informix IDS 7.30U C6 database. My code is compiled by VisualCafe 3
    (JDK 1.1) and my tests were done in two machines:

    - An HP-UX 10.20 server with JRE 1.1 and the Informix JDBC 1.5 JAR,
    with TZ set to BRA3VER (GMT -2 at this moment)
    - My Windows98 PC with VisualCafe's JRE 1.1 and the Informix JDBC
    1.5 JAR set to Rio TimeZone with DST (GMT -2 at this moment)

    The results, obtained executing the exact same .class file (source listed
    further ahead) are:

    Running on the HP-UX server:
    Debug get, AWB: 2405604751, db TS: 2000-12-12 13:58:41.000 GMT,
    long : 976629521000

    Running on my PC:
    Debug get, AWB: 2405604751, db TS: 2000-12-12 16:58:41.000 GMT,
    long : 976640321000

    In dbaccess this is what I get with statment select loguser, logdate from
    shipser where awb = "2405604751" :
    loguser logdate
    pegadm 2000-12-12 11:58:41.180

    The code being executed is listed below:

    /////////////// START OF CODE //////////////////

    anSQL = new String("select logdate "
    + "from shipser "
    + "where awb = ?");
    aStmt = aConnex.prepareStatement(anSQL);
    aStmt.setString(1, awbNumber);
    aResult = aStmt.executeQuery();

    java.sql.Timestamp dbTimeStamp = aResult.getTimestamp("logdate");

    SimpleDateFormat formatter =
    (SimpleDateFormat) Sage.getDateFormatter().clone();
    // Instruction above equal to
    // new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss z", Sage.STD_LOCALE);
    // followed by a clone, where STD_LOCALE = Locale.US;

    formatter.setTimeZone(new SimpleTimeZone(0, "GMT"));
    formatter.applyPattern("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS z");

    System.out.println("Debug AWB: " + awbNumber
    + ", db TS: " + formatter.format(dbTimeStamp)
    + ", long : " + dbTimeStamp.getTime());

    /////////////// END OF CODE //////////////////

    It seems that the JDBC driver is applying a GMT offset when it reads the
    datetime... and a different offset depending on which machine the code is
    executing. This does not make sense to me - the driver should not touch
    the Date value. Am I missing something?



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