My Weblogic server is connecting to a remote (third party) machine using
a SSLSocket.
Through this socket connection, it sends a HTTP Post request and it listens
for the answer.

For each user in my Weblogic server, I need to send a HTTP Post request and
listen for its
corresponding answer (1 to 1 relationship).

The socket is opened by a Bean contained in a JSP (with an application scope).

Each user invokes the JSP page and uses this Bean.
I'm afraid that when multiple users start invoking the JSP the requests and
responses might get all mixed up. (You could call this a "Isolation or serializability"

How does the socket know that a specific response corresponds to a certain
request (both associated to the same user) when multiple users are using
the Bean?

Does the EJB specification provide any way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance for your ideas