Thanks, folks.

Probably I will use an applet to start word with a file that I created on
the server (using a servlet). The restriction of applets will not be a (too)
big problem, because it's an intranet-based system I'm working on.
Any idea how I can tell the applet the name of the file I created on the
server? I thought of something like:
1. create the word template (html, using xml/xsl), give it an unique name
(with session-ids?) and save it to disk
2. generate a html-output in the browser with a call to the applet (path/filename
in <params>)
3. open word (Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd.exe /C somefile.doc") (runs
on NT systems with office installed ;-)

ANY better ideas are welcome...these are only my first thoughts



BTW: Sorry for my bad english. ;-)