Hi there,

My name is Mohan, from Singapore. I like to know if you can help me with
the following problem. I am prepared to pay for this.
A description of the requirements are given in detail as follows :-

I need a JSP page to call a C compiled DLL from server. We like you to help
us with the development of this program.

Basically, what we want is this :-

Develop a rough and ready JSP page which has 2 text boxes, TA (input) and
TB (output). TA is an input textbox wherein the user enters a value, say
"Hello World". A command button must be provided which upon pressing will
call a DLL (developed and compiled thru a C language compiler eg, Visual
C++). NOTE : The invokation of the DLL must be done using Javascript or pure

The DLL residing in the server must be developed in C language. No other
language will do other than Microsoft C or Visual C++.
The function of the DLL could simply be to change the order of words in the
string. Once this function has performed the task, it outputs the result
into TB which then gets displayed to the user. In the case of the example
it will be "World Hello".

We need to find out from your example a couple of things :-
a) How the Java code in JSP page will call the C DLL file and pass the string
as the argument into the DLL.
b) How the DLL can be compiled in C language using Visual C++ 6.0.
c) How the output will be passed back to the JSP page.

Let me know if you can help me out on this task and what is the charge. I
like to know the charge before you start this assignment.
Note : I don't want a program that works under MS-DOS running in console.
This is useless to me. I specifically want a
JSP page calling a C language DLL.