I'm using JavaScript to call public methods of an applet. Here's the code
giving me trouble:

function dispData() {


var batchNum = document.xmldisplay.getBatch();
document.write("<h3>Batch: " + batchNum + "</h3>");

var seqNum = document.xmldisplay.getSequence();
document.write("<h3>Sequence: " + seqNum + "</h3>");

var chkAmt = (document.xmldisplay.getAmt() / 100);
document.write("<h3>Amount: " + chkAmt + "</h3>");


What happens is that any ONE of these will work if I comment out the other
two but if more than one isn't commented the FIRST one will execute fine
but the second will throw the error: 'document.xmldisplay' is null or not
an object.

Here's what one of the public methods looks like:
public String getBatch() {
String batch = newXML.getColumn("Batch");
return batch;

So, what's going on?