Hi everyone

I am at the start if the development of a program that models and
simulates complex industrial processes in pipe networks. My part is
essentially the GUI. The GUI must be able to draw the process
diagram with pumps, heat exchangers and pipes etc (like in Visio)and
the user will then enter engineering data for each component of the
network. I have previously used Stingray's Objective Toolkit together
with MFC and Visual C++, but we are moving over to Java for the next
generation of the product. So far I have found the following Java
libraries that may do the job, but some of them are extremely
expensive, and other have expensive runtime royalties:

1. JGo (www.nwoods.com)
2. JLoox (www.loox.com)
3. Glg (www.genlogic.com)

Does anybody know of another library that I might consider?