I offer money for your help, or will make something that has to do with graphiks
for your help.How much will I Pay?It dependens on how much you want-What
kind of graphiks can I offer?,well I have a good eye for good stuff, and
will try to my best to give you what I can.Shall it be an ear that moves(as
an animated gif),a tipping finger and so on.Talking about quality it will
be amoung NR3-4 of Quality(where 1 is best-10 is worst)understatment wont
make a false picture.
So, now to my problem. I have 3 Frames on my site.1 of the frames uses javascript
to add items to a basket. I want to load one of the frames to a SSl site
in order to enabel a costomer to use a secure site to give in his data without
having to worry.
The ssl will not take the 3 Frames, it seams to be to much data for ssl.
The page I want to ransfer to Ssl will only work if i take the whole Frames(all
3, because the script only seams to work,if cearten Frames are preasent).
How can I copy this Basket Frame ,with the Data to a seperate Page? Is there
a possibility to copy this Data and go on to another window or so?
Hope I was abel to write down the Problem so its understandebel!
Well THANKS for any help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!