Can anyone help me with this little problem, I need to make my sum a
float so that the numers I multiply can be decimal numbers. I would
really appreicate it . Thanks, Eric

import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

public class paycheck{

public static void main( String[] args )

String hours, // Hours worked
name, // Name of worker
rate; // Hourly rate

int number1, // first number to multiply
number2, // second number to multiply
sum; // sum of both numbers

// Prompt user to enter name
name = JOptionPane.showInputDialog( "Who Goes There?" );

// Prompt user to enter hours worked
hours = JOptionPane.showInputDialog( "Please enter your hours worked"

// Prompt user to enter horly rate
rate = JOptionPane.showInputDialog( "Please enter your hourly rate"

// convert from string to int
number1 = Integer.parseInt( hours );
number2 = Integer.parseInt( rate );

// multiply the numbers
sum = number1 * number2;

// display the check
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog( null, "Pay to the order of: " +
name + sum, "PayCheck", JOptionPane.PLAIN_MESSAGE );