I'm looking for advice on dealing with .wav & .mp3 files in Java.
Specifically, I'm trying to obtain a graphical representation of the
waveforms of these files. I'm using the evisionglobal Java SDK for
visual searching. The visual search SDK allows me to search & match similar
images (matches are based on texture, color, shape <- any one or combination.)
If I can produce a visual representation of an .mp3 I can search for 'similar'
images of wave forms to find 'similar' sound clips using this technology.
The obstacle I'm facing is this : How can I quickly process an mp3 to get
a graphical representation? If I own and manage the database being searched
these files could be pre-processed. But, I want to be able to grab an existing
.mp3, turn it into a jpeg or .gif representation of the waveform, and conduct
peer to peer searches using this technology. I realize that may be a big
request - but I've seen plenty of Share/FreeWare(coded in Java) out there
that handles similar tasks. I thought there might be some reusable code that
could get me started. I haven't dealt with sound files before (outside of
playing them in applets.) So any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance...