I am having problem in accessing j2ee.jar at run time.My main application
B2C.jar is run via a command: java -jar B2C.jar, and it uses the j2ee.jar
for XML parsing support.

I already have my j2ee.jar in the system classpath, but the j2ee.jar is in
some other directory from where i run main application(B2C.jar)

Now the restriction i am having is that i need to have the j2ee.jar in the
same directory as from where i run my main application B2C.jar.

I don't want to add the j2ee.jar into the jdk/jre/lib, - security restrictions.

i have the following manifest file entry for my main application's jar(B2C.jar):

Main-Class: sas.ref2se.still.user.B2CMain
Class-Path: j2ee.jar

Also i don;t want to give the absolute path of j2ee.jar in the Class-Path
section of the manifest file, as j2ee.jar will be present in different directories
for different users, and B2C is suppposed to be a downloadable product.