Unpublicized changes to security settings and their definitions in the current
beta of Windows XP could deny millions of users email and web browser access
to Internet content enabled through Java applets.

In XP, the default security settings in Outlook and Outlook Express will
automatically block Java applets in user inboxes.

In addition, XP’s security definition changes will block Java applets in
browsers when administrators opt for high security settings. Previously,
Java was not blocked in high security mode – a setting routinely used by
IT administrators to protect corporate networks.

POSSIE (People for Open, Safe and Secure Internet and Email) challenges the
disabling of Java applets. To date, no Java applet has been linked to a
large-scale virus outbreak via email or on the web. If XP’s security settings
that wrongly categorize Java continue, the real risk will be to innovation
and open competition.

Anyone concerned about innovation open competition should visit www.POSSIE.org,
or contact Microsoft directly.