Q-1)Write a node class to keep the followings:
the adress of the next node
the adress of the node comes after the next node
the adress of the previous node
the adress of the node comes before the previous node

You should only fill the methods with proper Java code if not filled yet[those
which are bulleted]

public class NODE {
private Object item;
private NODE next;//next node
private NODE afterNext;// node comes after the next
private NODE previous;// node comes before
private NODE beforePrevious;// node comes before the previous

// constructor method.Construct a one stand alone node
public NODE(Object newItem) {
// constructor method.Construct a node with item,and link it to nextNode

public NODE(Object newItem,NODE nextNode) {

// constructor method.Construct a node and link this node with the next
//and previous node

public NODE(Object newItem,NODE nextNode,NODE prevNode) {

//set the item of the current node
public void setItem(Object newItem) {
} // end setItem

//return the item of the node
public Object getItem() {
return item;
} // end getItem

//link the current node with the a new node comes after
public void setNext(NODE nextNode) {

} // end setNext

//get the reference of the next node
public NODE getNext ( ) {
return next;
} // end getNext

//set the previous node
public void setPrev(NODE prevNode)

}//end setPrev
//get the reference of the previous node
public NODE getPrev ()

}// end getPrev

//set the node comes after the next node.You should set the next item's values
public void setAfterNext (NODE afterNextNode)

}//end setAfterNext
//get the reference of the node comes after next
public NODE getAfterNext()

}// end getAfterNext
//set the node which is the before previous
public void setBeforePrev(NODE beforePrevNode)

}//end setBeforePrev
//get the reference of the node which comes before the previous
public NODE getBeforePrev()

}//end getBeforePrev

}// end class node

Write insert,delete and removeAll methods for a doubly linked list using
the NODE class defined in the question1 .This linked list should satisfy
the double connection to both one node before the previous and one node after
the next node,i.e. each node of the linked list should be connected to all
of the previous and one before the previous;next, and one after the next

AND use your linked list definition to do create a list with followings
Integer(1), Integer(5), Integer(10), Integer(23), Integer(30), Integer(35),