I'm like you, I tried to find 'the book' for a total non-programmer. At some
point in time you will find even the easiest books get complicated, so much
so you'll want to give up. It's not so much that Java is hard, it's more
that books tend to introduce you to Java concepts using Java terminology
too quickly, thus leading to confusion.

If you want my advice, do what I did, I scoured the web for 'easy' tutorials
on Java and found 2 that may help you get started;

/*this book is for 1st year University CompSci students, written by David
Eck. Very good style, although some points are difficult, but overall I
learned a lot...*/

/*this book is for 1st year highschool CompSci, also good.*/

And lastly, the Sun site offers some good stuff here;

As for books, the tutorials at the Sun site above are actually the 3rd Edition
of the book The Java Tutorial. I found it got tough after chapter 4, some
of the examples and terminology just managed to confuse me.

Keep one thing in mind; don't give up. I've been at it a few months now,
and I know I'll never be a Java guru (I hate math, which you need), but I
did manage to write working programs (and classes) because I kept at it.
If you have questions drop me an email, I don't mind helping if I can.


"CK" <chlorinekid@ivillage.com> wrote:
>Hi all,
>I was hoping someone could recommend a really good beginners book about

>as I wish to learn it. The book should be suitable for someone who has
>never coded before.