I have a big problem:

I want to extract selected words from a jsp file.
Following are found in one of my jsp file:

1) <td width="217"><font face="verdana,arial" size=2>ORGANISATION UNIT NAME<font
color="#FF0000"> <font

I want to retrieve "ORGANISATION UNIT NAME"

2)errPrompt(frm.txtDesc, "Maximum length is just 100 character only");

I want to retrieve "Maximum length is just 100 character only"

I try String tokenising, then check that is the token ends with ">", then
the next token is the one
I want, then loop until "<" is found. BUT this would not work as there is
no spacing between some of
the tags and the words.(e.g. <p>abc)--> This cauese the whole token to be
<p>abc, so the "abc" will
not be extracted as it does not have a "ends with >" in front of it.
Even with using ">" as a checking does not work for pop up messages, as it
does not have tags(refer
to e.g 2).

Please reply a.s.a.p...
Really urgent!!
Thank You