I have the following method that is giving me grief.

public StudentList makeSubList(MarkList markVec)
Vector sVec = new Vector();
Mark mark;
Student student;
Enumeration enumMark = markVec.elements();
Enumeration enumStud = studentVec.elements();

// outer loop for markVec we will compare each
// element in this against the inner loop

while( enumMark.hasMoreElements()){

String s = mark.getStudentId();
// inner loop will step through studentVec

while(enumStud.hasMoreElements()) {
String s1 = student.getStudentId();
if(s.equals (s1)) sVec.addElement(student);
student =(Student)enumStud.nextElement();
mark = (Mark)enumMark.nextElement();
return new StudentList(sVec);

When I try to compile this method the following error is generated

C:\AU ASSIGNMENT 2\StudentList.java:73: cannot resolve symbol
symbol : method elements ()
location: class MarkList
Enumeration enumMark = markVec.elements();
1 error

Can some one tell what my problem is?