Hi there,

I'm trying to learn about encryption, so I downloaded an Open Source
package called Cryptix from the web. I am trying to run a test but
before I could do so JBuilder4 has been trying to compile the source
files from the Cryptix package and came across one depricated method
call that needs changing before I can proceed. The method resides in the
java.security.Security class.

method: getAlgorithmProperty(String algName, String propName)

Here's what the documentation says about the method:


public static String getAlgorithmProperty(String algName,
String propName)


This method used to return the value of a proprietary property in the
master file of the "SUN" Cryptographic Service Provider in order to
determine how to parse algorithm-specific parameters. Use the new
provider-based and algorithm-independent AlgorithmParameters and
KeyFactory engine classes (introduced in the Java 2 platform) instead.
Gets a specified property for an algorithm. The algorithm name should be
a standard name. See Appendix A in the Java Cryptography Architecture
API Specification & Reference for information about standard algorithm
names. One possible use is by specialized algorithm parsers, which may
map classes to algorithms which they understand (much like Key parsers
do).Parameters:algName - the algorithm name.propName - the name of the
property to get.Returns:the value of the specified property.


This is an example of how the method is being used in several classes
within the Cryptix package:

* Expands the possible alias <i>algorithm</i> to a standard name.
* <i>algorithm</i> is not an alias, it is returned as-is. This
* does not check whether a corresponding algorithm implementation
* <p>
* Possible values for <i>type</i> include "Cipher", "Mode",
* "PaddingScheme", "MessageDigest", "Signature", "KeyGenerator",
* and "KeyPairGenerator". Other types can be configured in the
* IJCE.properties file.
* @param algorithm the possible alias
* @param type the type of algorithm
* @return the standard name
public static String getStandardName(String algorithm, String type)
String temptype = "Alias."+type;
String standardName = Security.getAlgorithmProperty(algorithm,
return (standardName != null) ? standardName : algorithm;

Could somebody help me understand what it is I need to do to change the
call to this depricated method so that I can get going with my testing?
I haven't a clue as to how to fix this.

Please Advise,

Alan Shiers