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Thread: Java Zip help

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    Java Zip help


    Currently I have a table in an Oracle database that has a BLOB column which stores Zip files.

    I.e. in the web app, it creates a temp zip file of files, then inserts that zip file into the DB.

    I want to be able to read that zip file into a ZipInputStream, which I CAN do, but when I read the ZipEntry's of that zip using, I can get the size of each ZipEntry (the getSize() method of the ZipEntry returns -1).

    Does any one know why this may be?

    I have checked the zip file by using a download feature we have, and the zip file is NOT corrupted, so thats not it.

    Maybe it cant read them because Im reading it in from a blob???

    Who knows!

    Thanks for any help, i really need to get around this

    Here is some code:

    Blob zipBlob = getWpMemoService().getWPAttachmentBlob(workItem.getAttachmentId(), false);
        ZipInputStream zis = null;
        ArrayList attachmentsForms;
        try {
          if (zipBlob != null)
            zis = new ZipInputStream(zipBlob.getBinaryStream());
            attachmentsForms = new ArrayList();
            ZipEntry entry = null;
            while ((entry = zis.getNextEntry()) != null) {
                AttachmentForm af = new AttachmentForm();
        } catch (SQLException e) {
          handleException(request, mapping, e);
        } finally {
          if (zis != null)
    A kram a day keeps the doctor......guessing

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    "ZipEntry.getSize()" returns -1 only when it doesn't know that how much data is available. It doesn't means that data is NOT Available.
    Do it another way: -
    1. Read all the Data from a BLOB stream into a BYTE array and then create a ZipInputStream object. Something like this: -

    Blob zipBlob = getWpMemoService().getWPAttachmentBlob(workItem.getAttachmentId(), false);
    ZipInputStream zipInpStream = new ZipInputStream( new BufferedInputStream(
            new ByteArrayInputStream( readBytes(zipBlob) ) ) );
    	//put here rest of the code
    private byte[] readBytes(Blob zipBlob){
    //Write the code of reading bytes from a BLOB and return it as an byte Array. 
    //Change the below code as per your Convenience.
     byte[] zipByteArr = blob.getBytes (  1,  ( int )  ( blob.length (  )  )  ) ; 
    return zipByteArr;

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    Sep 2004
    Yeah I did know that it still could read data, I just wanted to be able to get the size of the attachment without reading the whole thing into memory.

    We have a lot of attachments in some cases and they can be quite large, so I'm hesitant to read the bytes into memory.

    Thanks for the help so far!
    A kram a day keeps the doctor......guessing

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