Hi there,

I just noticed that when I loaded up J2SDK onto Linux that there is no
javaw command. Does anybody know why this command has been removed from
the Linux distribution? I was going to make use of it in a shell
script, which brings me to my next question.

Has anybody successfully launched a Java application using shell scripts
on Linux at boot up so that the application runs silently in the

Naturally, after I've logged on as root and given my password I can
certainly run a java app from the prompt using something like:

java myApp

However, javaw was a lot more convenient. I could launch a java
application without a terminal window bound to it.

MAIN OBJECTIVE: I just want to set up whatever scripts are necessary to
launch my java application when Linux boots up. Linux has a special
command: chkconfig
I don't know if it can be used or not to schedule the running of a java
application upon boot up. Maybe there is another, better way?

Basically, I just want to have the java application running without my
having to log in, except to shut it down.

Can all this be done?

Please advise,

Alan Shiers