Hi all,
Bear with me, as I'm a newbie here. (and I'm a Q/A person, not a
developer). We have been installing JVM v1.3.1 with our apps and decided
to go with JVM v1.4.1 to fix some problems we had. We have had no problems
with our in-house test systems what-so-ever, but our clients' PCs running
Windows 2000 Server have this problem where our application do not launch.
The strange thing is that, if we look at the task manager, we see the app
listed there, but we don't actually see the app itself. We get no errors
of any kind, we simply can't see the application. We have the same setup
here as the client does, except for maybe different hardware??? Anyone seen
this before?

p.s. When we switch back to JVM 1.3.1 it works fine.

Thanks for any help.