We have recently added a couple of interesting technical articles written
by Jim Rogers to the CodeMages Community web site, the first one of them
being "Java Threads: A Faulty Concurrency Model". Here's a synopsis of this

Java provides an unusually high level of support for creating threaded applications.
Unfortunately, the mechanisms for safely communicating between threads easily
lead to dangerous race conditions and deadlocks. While solutions to these
problems do exist, they are messy at best, tending to cause violations of
good object oriented design principles.

For those who want to read more, visit the Coding | Java section of the CodeMages
Community web site and find the article at http://www.crystalcode.com/codemage/...avaThreads.php

Jim has rapidly become a major contributor to our community and his generous
contributions so far, include:

Title: Concurrent Programming
Location: Coding | Programming Concepts, http://www.crystalcode.com/codemage/...rogramming.php

More and more software systems are being designed with concurrent programming
features. Early concurrent systems were constructed from groups of cooperating
processes. Modern concurrent systems are being constructed in one process
with groups of cooperating threads. Concurrent processing promises dramatic
performance improvements. It also presents the developer with a new set of
design problems.

Title: Shared Resource Design Patterns
Location: Coding | Programming Concepts, http://www.crystalcode.com/codemage/...esignPatte.php

Concurrent programming requires control of access to shared resources. Experience
shows there are many common design patterns for shared resources. This paper
explores some of the common patterns for locking and buffering data, as expressed
using monitors.

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Also, our brand new developers community needs more serious contributors
like Jim who can write high quality technical articles about software development
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