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    Jose Rodz Guest

    Replacing \x and \u to x and u.

    I have a javascript that captures the REMOTE_USER and store it in a variable.
    The variable stores the user and the host name. For example... WEBSERVER\user.

    But the backslash causes that whenever I access that variable, it replacing
    it with the corresponding escape character. (e.g. backspace for \b, new line
    for \n, etc..)

    I fix this problem by search and replace the escape character with the correct
    character, except for the \x and \u escape character. With these two it displays
    a runtime error ("Expecting a Hexadecimal number."). I cannot replace these
    characters because the runtime error stop the script before the search and
    replace function.

    I also tried to trap the error with the window.onerror function.

    Do anyone knows who to replace these two characters? Thanks in advance.

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    MarkN Guest

    Re: Replacing \x and \u to x and u.

    This looks to be a Javascript question. Check out the Javascript newsgroups.

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