I have been upgrading all of my web pages for clients that contain the applet
code to run applets. According to W3C, validating a web page that contains
the <APPLET></APPLET> tags creates an error. I have viewed all of the W3C
pages that state that the applet tags are deprecated, and it is suggested
that the new tags to use are <OBJECT></OBJECT> (for I.E. browsers, and <EMBED></EMBED>
tags for Netscape.)

Using the W3C samples, my applets don't work. I have been searching all
over the Internet to find someone or some website that has the Object code
and it works. As you can tell, I haven't found what I seek.

If anyone in this discussion group has accomplished using the Object and
Embed tags, please help. I am not registered as a group member so don't
know how I will receive responses. If possible, please use my email addresss

Jan Major